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Men’s Non-Surgical Hair Replacement in Glasgow Westend. 


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Are you Suffering from Hair Loss? We’ve Got you Covered

Welcome to Hair Replacement Glasgow Ltd, we are Scotland's Top Non Surgical Hair Replacement clinic, dedicated exclusively to hair loss Sufferers. 

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Your probably wondering “what is non-surgical hair Replacement”. 

Here’s the deal: Its a Non-Surgical alternative to a Medical Hair Transplant. It’s an Instant Guaranteed Transformation with No mess and No Fuss. 

The Hair System will be Matched to your Colour and Density. 

It will cover and replace your missing hair. 

These are all custom-made and created to fit Your head with 100% Real Human Hair.

The System is then attached to your scalp with High-End bonding materials, it will then be Cut, Styled & blended to your own Desire, forming an Amazing real-like look. 

The hair can be treated like your own. Styled, Straightened, blow dried etc. 

It can also be worn whilst at the Gym, Swimming & other activities.

The system will not come off if you follow the aftercare & attend your regular maintenance appointments. However, no 2 clients are the same so great care *must* be taken of your systems. 

We pride ourselves on our Privacy, Professionalism & our Affordability. We have private rooms throughout our Newly Renovated Glasgow Clinic and a large Wig & Fitting room stocked Full of Amazing Human hair & Acrylic wigs.

Recognised by both the NHS & the Little Princess Trust, our mission is to remove the stigma from Hair Loss, whilst providing you with the first-class Non Surgical Hair Replacement service you deserve. We will have you Looking and Feeling your absolute best.

Losing your hair can have a detrimental impact on your self-esteem and it can stop you from doing the things that you Love.  We are Honoured to be a part of the Non Surgical Hair Replacement industry, and if you are suffering from hair loss or you know someone that is, please don’t hesitate to call us to arrange your Free Consultation. 

Tel: 07947 362 041

We’re Here For You.